Apple - Blenheim Orange

(Malus domestica 'Blenheim Orange')

Apple - Blenheim Orange
Apple - Blenheim Orange Apple - Blenheim Orange Apple - Blenheim Orange Apple - Blenheim Orange

despatched between November 2017 and March 2018

Size Price £ ea £/10
Maiden (M26) sold out blank
Maiden (M106) Buy £15.50 Buy £139.50
Maiden (M25) Buy £16.50 blank
Whip 125-150cm (M25) sold out blank
Whip 150-175cm (M25) sold out blank
Whip 175-200cm (M25) sold out blank
Whip 200-250cm (M25) Buy £30.50 blank
Feathered 125-150cm (M25) sold out blank
Feathered 150-175cm (M25) sold out blank
Feathered 175-200cm (M25) sold out blank
Feathered 200-250cm (M25) Buy £37.50 blank
Bush (M26) sold out blank
Bush (M106) Buy £23.50 Buy £211.50
Half Standard (M25) sold out blank
Standard (M25) Buy £43.50 blank
Cordon (M26) sold out blank
Cordon (M106) Buy £28.00 blank
Fan - Traditional 5-7s (M106) sold out blank
Fan - Traditional 8-11s (M106) sold out blank
Fan - 2 Scaffold 4-7s (M106) sold out blank
Stepover (M26) sold out blank
Stepover (M106) Buy £33.00 blank
Espalier 2 tier (M26) Buy £44.50 blank
Espalier 2 tier (M106) Buy £44.50 blank
Belgian Fence - 2yr (M106) Buy £40.00 blank

Type: Dessert

Pollination Group: B - self sterile (Triploid)

Pick: October

Use: November - February

Originated 1740 from Oxfordshire, UK

Description: Raised by Mr Kempster of Woodstock, Oxford in 1818. Dull yellow, slightly russet skin, with dull red flush. Large, round flat apple of regular shape, crisp, sweet, juicy and yellow flesh with distinctive nutty flavour. Makes a large, spreading flat headed tree.

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