Apple - Belle de Boskoop

(Malus domestica 'Belle de Boskoop')

Apple - Belle de Boskoop
Apple - Belle de Boskoop Apple - Belle de Boskoop Apple - Belle de Boskoop Apple - Belle de Boskoop

despatched between November 2017 and March 2018

Size Price £ ea £/10
Maiden (M106) Buy £15.50 Buy £139.50
Maiden (M25) Buy £16.50 blank
Whip 175-200cm (M25) Buy £27.00 blank
Feathered 125-150cm (M25) Buy £24.50 blank
Feathered 175-200cm (M25) Buy £33.00 blank
Feathered 200-250cm (M25) Buy £37.50 blank
Bush (M106) Buy £23.50 Buy £211.50
Half Standard (M106) sold out blank
Half Standard (M25) Buy £35.50 Buy £319.50
Standard (M106) sold out blank
Standard (M25) Buy £43.50 Buy £391.50
Cordon (M106) Buy £28.00 Buy £252.00
Fan - Traditional 5-7s (M106) Buy £44.50 blank
Fan - Traditional 8-11s (M106) Buy £51.50 blank
Stepover (M106) Buy £33.00 blank
Espalier 2 tier (M106) Buy £44.50 Buy £400.50
Espalier 3 tier (M106) sold out blank
Belgian Fence - 2yr (M106) Buy £40.00 blank

Type: Dual Purpose

Pollination Group: B - self sterile (Triploid)

Pick: October

Use: December - April

Originated 1856 from Boskoop, Netherlands

Description: A large dual purpose apple, raised in Holland by K.J.W. Ottolander in 1856. An upright growing variety, the fruit is covered with considerable russet. It cooks to a golden yellow fluff, or can make a wonderful dessert apple for Christmas.

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