Apple - Tydeman's Late Orange

(Malus domestica 'Tydeman's Late Orange')

Apple - Tydeman's Late Orange
Apple - Tydeman's Late Orange Apple - Tydeman's Late Orange Apple - Tydeman's Late Orange Apple - Tydeman's Late Orange

despatched between November 2020 and March 2021

Size Price £ ea £/10
Maiden (M106) Buy £15.50 blank
Maiden (M25) sold out blank
Whip 200-250cm (M25) Buy £31.00 blank
Feathered 125-150cm (M25) Buy £25.00 blank
Feathered 150-175cm (M25) Buy £29.00 blank
Feathered 175-200cm (M25) Buy £33.50 Buy £318.25
Feathered 200-250cm (M25) Buy £38.50 blank
Bush (M106) Buy £24.00 Buy £228.00
Half Standard (M106) sold out blank
Half Standard (M25) Buy £36.00 blank
Standard (M25) Buy £44.50 Buy £422.75
Cordon (M106) Buy £29.00 blank
Double Cordon - mid stem - (M106) sold out blank
Fan - low stem - Traditional 5-7s (M106) sold out blank
Fan - mid stem - Traditional 5-7s (M106) Buy £48.00 blank
Fan - Traditional 8-11s (M106) Buy £53.00 blank
Stepover (M106) Buy £33.50 blank
Handrail (M106) sold out blank
Espalier - low stem - 1 tier (M106) Buy £45.50 Buy £432.25
Espalier - mid stem - 1 tier (M106) sold out blank
Espalier - low stem - 2 tier (M106) Buy £45.50 blank
Espalier - mid stem - 2 tier (M106) sold out blank

Type: Dessert

Pollination Group: D - self sterile

Pick: October

Use: February - May

Originated 1930 from Kent, UK

Description: Another fantastic dessert apple raised by Mr. Tydeman at East Malling in Kent in 1930 from Laxton's Superb and Cox's Orange Pippin. His 'late' greenish-yellow fruit, overlaid with dark purplish-red, are crisp, hard and juicy with an intensely rich Cox-like flavour. The fruit mellow slightly and sweeten in storage but remain very good until May if stored correctly. The blossom is very frost resistant. Crops are heavy - thin to produce larger fruit.

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