Chenonceau 2012

Dahlia garden with Taxus pyramids

Colourful mix of Dahlia, offered against the informal structure of the Taxus baccata cones.

The Taxus will take some time to establish but the Dahlia will give quick, impacting fabulous summer colour mid August

We have over 50 varieties of Dahlia in stock for spring planting. Create the structure withe the Taxus by winter planting.

Keukenhof 2012

Our visits in the spring saw some incredible plantings and rich combinations of bulbs

All for autumn planting, combinations of Fritillaria, Narcissus, Muscari and Tulipa create the early season colour explosions/

Keukenhof 2012

The form of espalier apples offers a clean formality to a garden. Simple, elegant lines can define areas of lawn and contrast with free standing ornamental trees.

Latvia 2012

We visit many growers both in the UK and around Europe and are always following our passion as plant hunters. See our extensive bulb lists here.

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